Dragon City Tips and Trick

Dragon City is one of the top games in facebook which focus on breeding different kinds of dragon, constructing and designing habitats and leveling your dragons. It is developed by Social Point, which is also the developer of Social Empire and Social Wars.

The Basics:

There are three resources in dragon city namely the Gold, Food and Gem. Gold is use for buying eggs, habitats, buildings. You can obtain gold by completing quest or by harvesting the gold produced by your dragons. The higher the level of the dragon, the more gold per minute they can produce.

Foods are used to level up your dragon. The higher the level of the dragon, the more foods are required to level your dragon. You can obtain foods by building farms. Farms don’t automatically generate foods. You still have to buy a certain amount of foods and then let it grow until you can harvest it. The more food you want, the higher it cost and the longer it grows.

dragon city gem

Gems are the luxury resources in dragon city. Using gems, you can buy almost anything. You can also speed up the building, hatching and breeding of dragons by using gems. You can level up really fast if you have tons of gems. You can get gems by completing quest or buying it using facebook credit or cash. Some uses dragon city hack to obtain gems but they are really dangerous and might get your account blocked. I prefer not to use any dragon city cheat since it takes away the fun of the game.


Each dragon starts with an egg, you have to hatch it first and then put it in its appropriate habitat. You cannot put a fire dragon on a water habitat. You can only put it on a fire habitat. To get an egg, you need to buy it or breed it. You can use gems and gold to buy eggs or you can also breed them.

Breeding dragons is basically combining two different element dragons into one. To breed a fire and earth combination dragon, you need to breed fire dragon and earth dragon on the breeding mountain. Once breeding time is finished, it will produce an egg which still needs to be hatch in the hatchery. Breeding time and hatching time depends on the type of dragon being breed or hatch.


I personally make a checklist of all dragons and include all the possible combination to get those dragons. I also include the breeding time and hatching time for each dragon and put a check on it once I obtain that particular dragon. Since there are a lot of dragons on dragon city, I only keep those important ones and delete useless dragons to save some space. Proper positioning of building is also important since you will need a lot of space as your level goes higher. Dragon city hack are very famous but I wouldn’t recommend it.


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